‘The Go back: Existence After ISIS’ Overview: Pressing Document on Former ISIS Ladies

At abnormal durations all the way through Alba Sotorra’s stirring, sobering and vitally humane new documentary “The Go back: Existence after ISIS,” discreet titles seem to outline the ov...


‘Sabaya’ Evaluation: Shattering Account of the Rescue Of ISIS Intercourse Slaves

Mahmud is on his cellular phone and he can’t get thru. It’s the primary symbol in Hogar Hirori’s startling “Sabaya,” an intense, deeply embedded documentary following the painstaking...


‘Damaged Keys’ Assessment: Defying ISIS in Lebanese Oscar Contender

An endangered musician in a Syrian city managed via ISIS will have to promote his loved piano as a way to break out the rustic within the gripping drama “Damaged Keys.” It marks the functi...